Woman Falls Prey To Kidney Racket, Commits Suicide

Jan 11, 2019

Malavalli (Mandya District): A 48-year-old woman committed suicide by jumping into Doddakere in Malavalli town yesterday and the Police have suspected that she was a victim of the kidney racket.

Venkatamma of Gangamatha Beedhi was selling greens and vegetables. It is said that Tara, a neighbour, allegedly convinced Venkatamma to sell her kidney to make quick money. She also used to grow betel leaves after taking a land on lease.

Tara had said that she could earn Rs. 30 lakh by selling a kidney and had also demanded Rs. 3 lakh as commission to look for buyers. Venkatamma, who had some financial problems readily agreed to Tara’s proposal. Tara convinced her that with Rs. 30 lakh, she (Venkatamma) can clear all her loans and lead a comfortable life.

After Venkatamma agreed to donate her kidney, Tara allegedly demanded Rs. 3 lakh, her commission money, to look for prospective buyers. Though Venkatamma did not have the money, she borrowed the money from local money lenders and paid Tara. Venkatamma thought that if she receives Rs. 30 lakh, she can easily clear the loans and can be debt-free.

Source: Star of Mysore