Woman accuses cop of posting obnoxious Facebook message

Jan 8, 2018

MYSURU: A hotel owner filed a police complaint against a police constable here for posting an obnoxious message on her Facebook page. Lakshmipuram police treated it as a noncognizable offence and are probing the incident.
The woman accused constable Raju C S of Lakshmipuram police station of posting unpleasant messages on a recent photo of her small hotel. He first asked whether first-time customers would be given free breakfast and lunch. In his second post, he commented, “who will not visit the eatery if a beautiful woman invites people to her hotel”.
In her reply, the owner posted a message addressing the cop as brother and invited him to the hotel to bless his sister. The cop later ended the conversation with a ‘thank you’ message and a New Year wish.

The woman, in her complaint, accused the cop of addressing her indecently and had sought an FIR to be booked against him whereas police told her an FIR cannot be booked on her complaint. She was adamant that an FIR be filed.

Police said Raju was responsible for moving out a panipuri cart of the woman’s brother a few months ago. Her brother would keep the cart in Lakshmipuram police limits but because of Raju, they had to leave the place. The woman had met the constable at the police station.

Inspector GS Raghu said: “We have registered a complaint and probing the matter.”