West Bengal man convicted for circulating fake currency notes in Mysuru

Jun 22, 2017

MYSURU: A man from West Bengal has been sentenced to ten years in jail for circulating counterfeit currency notes in Mysuru in 2015.

Moban Mohin was caught red-handed by Nazarbad policewhen he was trying to exchange fake currency notes of Rs 1000 denomination. He purchased 25 lemons from a vendor at morning market of MG Road behind Dasara Exhibition Grounds in February 2015 and gave a counterfeit note. The vendor then tried to get change for the Rs 1000 from a pigmy collector on spot.
After pigmy collector alerted the vendor, police were summoned to spot. Moban Mohin was then arrested. Police found three fake notes and two genuine notes of Rs 1,000 denominations.

The VII additional district and session court judge C Chandrashekar on Wednesday convicted and sentenced Moban to ten years in jail charges under IPC section 489 (b) and fined Rs 10000. In default of payment of fine he has undergo one year in jail. Moban was given three years in jail for charges under section 489(C) and fined Rs 3000. He has to undergo additional jail term of six month in case he fails to pay the fine, said Public prosecutor Mahanthappa.