Unique temple to welcome 1 lakh people

Oct 17, 2017

 MYSURU: The Giri Deviramma temple near Chikkamagaluruis nique -it is open only oncea year. This year it’s on Wednesday, the first dayof Diwali.

While all temples are kept open round the year for devotees, this temple, which has no walls or doors, is open only to those who are willing to undertake the journey and bear the hardship of the pilgrimage.

Though the temple, located in Bindiga Mallenahalli village in the district, has no doors to keep out devotees, people themselves don’t venture there for a darshan on the remaining 364 days of the year.

Devotees need to walk for around 7km, barefoot and fasting, for darshan of the deity in the temple, on the Devagiri mountain, 3,000ft above sea level. The temple is getting ready for its annual darshan event. Devotees can visit the temple on the first day of Diwali (Naraka Chaturdashi).This year, the darshan is scheduled for October 18.

According to the temple management, “This temple has no doors and walls, yet devotees are allowed to have a darshan of the deity of Giri Deviramma only once a year, the first day of Diwali.”

This year, devotees are expected to start walking towards the temple on Tuesday midnight. Around 1lakh devotees are expected for the darshan.

“There is no road or steps to climb the mountain. People need to walk through a steep mud road. After darshan, each person must return immediately ,” he said.

Source: Times of India