TrinTrin a hit among Mysureans, many ditch private transport

Jun 15, 2017

MYSURU: Have you started cycling? This has become the buzz word in Mysuru and enquiries are pouring in to open more docking stations in the industrial areas and in the west part of Mysuru.

TrinTrin, India’s first Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) scheme launched on June 3 by chief minister Siddaramaiah, is making steady progress even as people from all walks of life have started pushing the pedals after a long time. Nearly 1,500 became registered users in the first 12 days and about hundreds have enrolled and are eagerly waiting to start to pedal.

Manjunath Manekwad, an English lecture at a private pre-university college, has stopped travelling in a bus or tempo. A resident of Gangothri Layout, he was taking different modes of private transport to reach his work place in Lakshmipuram. Launch of TrinTrin has come as a blessing for him as there are docking stations both near his workplace as well as near his home.

The 28-year-old claims that he stopped travelling in a bus after he became a registered user the following day after the launch of PBS. Since then, he is a regular user and he is happy about the project except for some minor glitches that he is facing like unlocking from the docking station. But help is always at hand as its operator responds to any queries and problems instantaneously.
Anil CN, the proprietor of Excavator firm in Mysuru, wants to fight the flab with the bicycle. Last time, he rode a bicycle was nearly two decades ago when he was in college. The launch of TrinTrin has brought back hismemories of riding bicycles. The 39-year-old Mysurean wants to use bicycle to commute from from his residences in Vijayanagar II Stage to Cosmopolitan Club to play badminton. Presently, he is using his four-wheeler. Anil enrolled for TrinTrin on Wednesday.
“We are receiving nearly 100 registration applications with their centre near RTO getting the highest number of applications daily since its beginning. Till now, about 1,500 have registered and on an average about 50 enroll daily near RTO registration-cum-docking station along. Moreover, we are getting queries to open a docking station near Industrial areas and in western Mysuru, especially near Gokulam where more foreigners stay during their visit to Mysuru,” said Sagar SM, head of IT wing of GWR. Sagar disclosed that they would place the request before MCC who will take decision on it after two weeks.

Karthik and Mahesh at RTO registration station claim that they get minimum 42-52 applications per day. A majority of them are in the age group of 22-35 and few girls have also enrolled. Another employee claimed that bicycle users are more at three stations – near Railway station, City Bus stand and Tennis Court near Chamarajapuram.