Tourism department looks to develop two lakes as popular hubs

Jul 10, 2017

MYSURU: In a bid to boost the district’s tourism industry, the department has decided to contribute to the development of two waterbodies – Hadinaru Lakeat Nanjangud and Mooguru Lake at T Narsipura. The tourism department is aiming to add the two lakes to the list of popular tourist destinations in Mysuru.
Cauvery Neeravari Nigama Ltd (CNNL) has initiated desilting of Hadinaru Lake to increase the storage capacity of the same. CNNL is looking to build a pathway for walkers, and fence the perimeter of the waterbody, which is spread across an area of 200 acres. There are also plans to develop an island in the lake to draw migratory birds. The lake was once home to hundreds of wild geese.

Deputy director of tourism department, Mysuru, HP Janardhan said that efforts would be made to create a conducive ecosystem for birds of various species at Hadinaru lake. “The Mooguru lake is almost completely dry. The Hadinaru lake that attracts exotic birds from Mongolia is dying a slow death. The tourism department will join CNNL in helping to make Hadinaru Lake more attractive,” said Janardhan.