Tipu Jayanti is apolitical: District minister

Nov 11, 2017

MYSURU: Tipu Sultan is a true patriot, a nation-builder, a freedom fighter, a social reformer, and the one who worked for welfare of people during his supremacy, said district minister H C Mahadevappa.

“Tipu’s only aim was to fight against British rule, and to completely wipe them out from India,” Mahadevappa said at the 268th birth anniversary celebrations of Tipu Sultan organized by the district administration at Kalamandir on Friday.

On the occasion, the minister said it is the responsibility and duty of the country to ensure that the name and works of Tipu is not erased from the history. Mahadevappa rejected the claim by a section of people that Tipu Jayanti was organized by the government to lure a particular community. “It is an apolitical event,” he added.

Extolling Tipu’s “magnanimous gesture towards people”, the minister lambasted Tipu’s critics and questioned their stand of terming him as a fanatic, dictator and strong Hindu opponent based on some events.

“Being a Sufi, his only goal was to fight against the British. All key posts in his cabinet were held by Hindus. Dewan Purnaiah was the administrator, treasury section was headed by Shamarao, and all his ambassadors were Brahmins. Half of 1.4 lakh soldiers were Hindus,” he said, adding: “Forts and places where he lived were surrounded by temples. Srirangapatna fort, his headquarters, had Ranganatha Swamy Temple next to it. Everyday, he heard the temple bell ringing sound and also the calls for prayers. Though Nanjangud and Melukote were under his reign, he did not destroy them, or converted people there. Besides having coins with the image of Lakshmi Devi as a legal tender, he wore a finger-ring with ‘Rama’ (in Devalipi script) etched in it. He could have looted the treasures of temples, but he din’t.”

Tipu respected all religions equally, Mahadevappa said, and termed him as the grandfather of land reforms and the one to implement agriculture policy. He introduced sericulture for the first time in India, the minister added.

Terming Tipu’s opponents as sadists and extremists, Mahadevappa claimed the ruler never forcibly converted people, but offered to help the downtrodden if they embrace the faith. “Why Tipu is being seen as a villain today is because he opposed Brahminical system and those who supported the British rule. Tipu was defeated because his own men betrayed him by leaking information to the British. He laid down his life for the country,” Mahadevappa claimed.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, the minister described Tipu as a link between Hindu and Muslims.

Mayor M J Ravikumar, MLAs Vasu, M K Somashekar and Srikantegowda, legislature council deputy chairman Maritibbegowda, All India Milli Council head Hazrat Moulana Mohammed Zakkaullah and VV Puram College history professor Boodanuru Puttaswamy were present.