Three Naxals surrender in Chikkamagaluru

Jun 6, 2017

CHIKKAMAGALURU: Three naxalites, including Kanyakumari, who has 33 criminal cases pending against her besides carrying a reward of Rs 5 lakh on her head, surrendered to the government in Chikkamagaluru on Monday.

Kanyakumari, 30, of Mudigere in Chikkamagaluru, her husband Shivu aka Jnanadev of Bengaluru and Chennamma aka Suma, 32, of Gadag surrendered to the members of the state-appointed panel, AK Subbaiah and Gaurilankesh. The trio then proceeded to the Chikkamagaluru deputy commissioner’s office, accompanied by Subbaiah and Gaurilankesh. The DC G Sathyavathi, and Chikkamagaluru superintendent of police K Annamalai, respectively the chairperson and convenor of the district-level committee on Naxalite assimilation, presented the three of them in front of the media and announced that rehabilitation programme would commence soon.

While Kanyakumari, against whom there are 33 cases pending, was taken into police custody and will be produced in court on Tuesday, Chennamma, who has been acquitted in the three cases that were filed against her, is free. Shivu, whose only involvement in the operation has been through his association with Kanyakumari, too has no cases against him and will not be produced in court.

Chennamma’s husband Neelamegham was arrested by Tamil Nadu police two years ago, and is still in prison. Chennamma appealed to the Karnataka government to facilitate her husband’s release.

Shivu and Kanyakumari wed in 2016, and the couple now has a six-month-old son.

As many as 13 Naxals have surrendered in Chikkamagaluru since 2010, and have successfully integrated themselves with the mainstream. Hagalaganchi Venkatesh, Mallika, Jaya, Sirimane Nagaraj and Noor Zulfikar are some of the prominent Naxalites who have surrendered in Chikkamagalur in the past seven years.

 “Our aim is to free Karnataka from Naxalism. The method they have chosen to fight injustice in the society is not correct. They can join the mainstream with no sense of fear,” said Subbaiah.
Sathyavathi pointed out that the government was offering a relief package to those who were laying down arms. “Meanwhile, authorities are trying to address the issues against which Naxals have taken up a fight. Instead of frittering away their lives in the forest, Naxals can fight for a cause through legal means. They must understand this and surrender to the government,” she added.