This homemaker has a metallic map made of coins

Jul 10, 2017

Mysuru: Taking a peek into 54-year-old Shreemathi Arunkumar’s treasure chest is to be given a glimpse into a map – one studded with glinting coins.

A numismatist, Shreemathi has been collecting coins for 35 years, and her collection boasts currencies of 120 countries. A native of Sringeri, Shreemathi was a postal assistant who quit her job following her marriage to Arunkumar, an official with Hindustan Unilever.

Among her collection of 300 Indian coins are those issued when the country was under the thumb of the English East India Company. She also has coins from various countries such as Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Bhutan, England, Malaysia and Russia among others.
It was her father, Shammaiah Kerodi who inspired Shreemathi to take up the interesting hobby when she was still a child, and her passion for the metallic pieces of history remains undiminished till today.