Stink reigns at Lingambudhi lake

Nov 11, 2017

 MYSURU: Those used to a morning walk at Lingambudhi lake are being forced to shift to other areas for their daily exercise. The reason: the huge pile of garbage being dumped near the walking trail for the past few days and the smell emanating from the sewage water entering the water body from nearby localities has made the scenic location an unpleasant one.
The lake is a major bird habitat with around 3,000 birds of nearly 200 species, including migratory birds visiting from nearly 45 countries throughout the year. It is also a major lung space with nearly 220 acres of water spread around 160 acres in the south part of the city and is being neglected and needs urgent attention.

The lake comes under the social forestry zone and is the responsibility of the forest department. For the past few months, residents of the region have noticed garbage being dumped inside the lake area, while parthenium shrubs grow uncontrollably near the walking path, as well as at the main entrance gate.

The residents alleged that despite making several complaints to the forest department, no action had been initiated. S Jairam, a resident of Lingambudhi Palya, said that shrubs have grown uncontrollably around the entire lake area, but the authorities have turned a blind eye to the problem. “They should take immediate measures to clean the area,” he demanded.

Meanwhile, morning walker and Food Corporation of India (FCI) member J Jayanth told TOI that he, along with other residents in the locality, had managed to get work for Muda (Mysore Urban Development Authority) for the development of the lake area.

“As the lake was neglected, we managed to get funds and work for Muda, even though the lake area comes under the forest department. The 4.5 km walking path was developed around the lake and is one of the longest paths in city. Similarly, around Rs 2 crore was spent by Muda to iron fence the entire lake area and Rs 1.5 crore for renovation of Mahalingeshwara Temple in its premises,” he said.

It is the first temple built by Wadiyars of Mysuru and is the only temple in the country where idols of goddess Chamundi and Parvathi and Lord Eshwara are in the same location. It is said that Mummadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar built the temple two hundred years ago.

Jayanth said that the forest department has to take up works to protect the lake. “The lake area needs urgent cleaning and planting of 5,000 saplings which the forest department had claimed in its budget. A sewage treatment plant (STP) should also be set up to treat the untreated sewage which is being released into the water body from nearby localities,” he said.

When contacted DCF (social forestry) K T Hanumanthappa told TOI that the entire lake area had been fenced and four forest men, including a forest guard and watchman had been assigned to the area.

“Nobody can enter and dump garbage in the forest area. If such incidents are happening, then I will direct the ACF to inspect the area and take action to catch the miscreants,” he said and added that, “the forest department is setting up a forest protection camp in the lake area to take up round-the-clock patrolling and to be more vigilant”.