‘Scientific police investigation basis for fair decision’

Nov 30, 2017

 Mysuru: Comparing police personnel with medical professionals, district minister H C Mahadevappa, a doctor by training, said, “Without proper investigation and diagnosis, a doctor can’t give proper remedies. Similarly, without proper investigation, police personnel cannot arrive at a fair and just decision to solve a problem.”

At the valedictory of the Southern Range Police Duty Meet here on Wednesday, he said police should conduct a thorough investigation using technology. Investigationshould be precise and evidence-based, he added.

Referring to the basic concept of jurisprudence, he said, “As the adage goes, it’s okay if criminals go scot-free but one innocent person shouldn’t be punished. Policeshould ensure they adhere to it.”

Pointing out that those joining the force have degrees and come from various streams, he said, “Earlier, constables were SSLC pass candidates. Nowadays, we see constables who are degree holders and even PhD holders from various streams. Engineering graduates too are joining the force which is a healthy trend.”

He said, “If the investigation is scientific and water-tight, no one can influence the probe. Not even an MLA, MP, or a minister can influence it.”

Punishing criminals, protecting the innocent and exploited and providing moral support and being responsible at all times is essential for police personnel, he advised.

He spoke about ability and efficiency as two important factors essential in the discharge of their duty. “One cannot discharge his duties to the fullest capacity if he is not able and efficient,” he said.

The meet should serve as a platform to enrich knowledge, facilitate sharing of knowledge, and equip participants to face challenges, he added.

IPS officer Vipul Kumar said, “The Southern Range teams have excelled at the district meet. They should focus and ensure they emerge victorious at the state and national meets. We need to show what Karnataka police are capable of.”

Announcing that Mysuru police stations will be equipped with reception centres which will be people-friendly, he said, “Police personnel have undergone soft skill training and sensitized to be receptive to the people. We’ll set up reception centres at all police stations in Mysuru in December.”