Rotary Mysore to take up developmental work in Pashchima Vahini

Sep 12, 2017

MYSURU: Paschima Vahini, which is on the banks of river Cauvery is also known as the Triveni Sangam. This place is famous for the death rituals and ash immersion since centuries. Considered as the Kaashi of South India, people from across the South India visit this spot either to immerse ash or perform final rites. But with many visitors throwing the left overs to the river, Paschima Vahini has now lost its old charm. Burning the bodies by on the river bank further worsened the situation. But now in a bid to provide face lift to this spot, Rotary Mysore has decided to take up developmental works at an estimated cost of Rs. 80 lakh.
Speaking to Times of India, K R Shantha Murthy, president, Rotary Mysore informed that they have already prepared a detailed project proposal on developing this site and make it clean and green.

“Since hundreds of years, Paschima Vahini is known for final rites, ash immersion etc. Every day hundreds of people visit this place. But absence of minimum facilities including proper maintenance of river bank is creating a lot of problems for the visitors. So we have decided to take up the developmental works,” he explained.

“One of the major issues haunting the Paschima Vahini is poor hygiene and cleanliness. Leftovers of various rituals has made the whole area stinking. So we are planning to built dedicated places where ash immersion and final rites can be performed. Our plan is developing a mechanised system where all the left overs can be collected without human intervention and burnt through incinerators to ensure that the whole area will remain clean and green always,” he explained.

E-toilets and other infrastructure: K R Shantha Murthy also informed that presently even though local administration is collecting Rs. 100 from all those who arrive to immerse ash or perform last rites, they are not providing any basic facilities. “So we are planning to construct solar operated e-toilets beside change rooms for both men and women. Our goal is to ensure that those who arrive to the spot will not return with any negative opinion about Paschima Vahini,” he concluded.