Responsibility to develop state rests with govt now, says Yaduveer

Mar 30, 2018

Mysuru: Affirming the Mysuru royal family’s commitment to boosting tourism activities in the region, the family scion Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar on Thursday said that the responsibility to undertake developmental projects rested with the government.
“The Mysuru maharajas undertook a slew of developmental activities in this region in the past. Now, it is the responsibility of the government to take care of the public,” said Yaduveer, who was at the rehabilitation centre Shakti Dhama, where he interacted with underprivileged children.

The interaction programme was jointly organised by the Inner Wheel Club of the Mysuru Central and Kalisu Foundation. “Had I not been chosen as the titular head of the royal family, I would have pursued my studies in financial economics, or environmental economics. It’s god who chose this role for me,” said Yaduveer, responding to questions from the children.

On his preferred delicacies, Yaduveer admitted he liked having quintessential South Indian dishes such as idli, dosa and upma for breakfast, like any other layman. “I am served with special food during the festivals,” he said.

Questioned if kings and queens dined on golden plates, Yaduveer said that, this was a notion that had been popularisied, and romanticised in movies. “Like everyone else, we use normal plates,” he said.

Asked if he would admit his son, Adyaveer Krishnaraja Wadiyar to a government school or a private school, Yaduveer said, “We are still enjoying the birth of our son, and have not thought about his schooling.

Responding to a query on his possible contributions to Karnataka, Yaduveer said, “My ancestors were very resourceful, and they developed the Mysuru region. I am fulfilling my responsibility as the scion of the family, following its traditions and culture.”

More than 80 children from districts as far as Uttara Kannada, Raichur, Belagavi, Ballari, participated in the interaction. President of the Inner Wheel Club Sowmya Dinesh, and Joshila Jayaprakash were present at the event.