Ramdas Triumphs Against All Odds

May 17, 2018

Mysuru:  This May 12 Assembly elections saw a keen competition between S.A. Ramdas of BJP, M.K. Somashekar of the Congress and K.V. Mallesh of JD(S) with Ramdas finally emerging victorious in Krishnaraja Constituency.

It was a keenly fought election and even for the BJP ticket and its severity could be gauged from the fact that the candidature of Ramdas was announced at the last moment in the third list.


Though a few anti-Ramdas groups surfaced to damage not only the Brahmins’ vote-bank but also to ruin his image through character assassination by reviving the same old scandalous “sting operation” to besmirch his reputation so that BJP High Command may dump him as one with sullied public image, the public of Mysuru was by then sufficiently educated about the games the frustrated or defeated politicians play, who finally voted for Ramdas making him victorious.

Ramdas won the election by securing 78,573 votes to defeat his nearest rival M.K. Somashekar of Congress, who managed to garner 52,226.  Ramdas won by a margin of 26,347 votes.