Poor public participation blamed for Mysuru’s dip in clean ranking

MYSURU:  The royal city of Mysuru was dethroned by the princely city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. The slip in the ranking was attributed mainly to the lack of public participation during the survey.

Though Mysuru managed to stay among the top 5 performers, it is not a top performer in the five South Indian states as Vishakapatnam of Andhra Pradesh bagged third slot after Indore and Bhopal, both in Madhya Pradesh.

Of the 2,000 points allotted, the tourist hub secured 1,743 points while Indore got 1,808 points, and did comparatively well in citizen feedback. In 2016, Mysuru had got 1,749 points.

MCC commissioner G Jagadeesh, who received the award at Delhi, said compared to 2016, the marks are almost the same. “We lost points as we couldn’t achieve the target of construction of individual toilets. We needed to construct 450 toilets, but constructed only 250,” he said. Construction of toilets was key , given that open defecation was a major parameter.

 A lack of feedback from the cities impacted rankings, which helped Mysuru’s competitors to climb the ladder. The survey had 30% weightage for citizen feedback while 45% weightage was assigned for MCC’s response and 25% for independent observation. “Though we conducted many awareness programmes in colleges and companies, not many people registered their feedback. More than 50,000 citizens gave their feedback in Indore while only 1,000 did so in Mysuru,” he told TOI. Indore scored 496 out of 600, while Mysuru managed 448 marks.
 We will try to work on our shortcomings and do better. But I am happy that we are in the top 5 in the country, Jagadeesh said, thanking civic workers for their contribution.