Passersby Were Seen Filming Accident While Victim Was Dragged Up To 150 Feet !

Jul 12, 2018

Mysuru: On the fateful night of July 5, the Hyundai Creta vehicle that collided against the bike on which Aravinda Rao and M.C. Namana were riding dragged Aravinda Rao up to 150 feet. Police said that no one came to the rescue of the victims.

The Police, who are making their best efforts to trace the killer vehicle, told SOM that the speeding SUV rammed against the bullet bike driven by Aravinda Rao. Both Namana and Aravinda Rao fell from the bike and the latter was caught in the wheels of the SUV. “The vehicle dragged Aravinda Rao up to 150 feet. Later, the SUV driver got down the vehicle and separated Aravinda Rao from the wheels, pushed him to a side and sped away,” said N. Muniyappa, Siddarthanagar Traffic Inspector.

“Our investigations have revealed that many people were a witness to the accident and none of them came forward to the help of Aravinda Rao and Namana. While they let the SUV driver escape without informing the Police, some of them were callously filming the accident on their mobile phones,” he said.

A Police team had to come all the way from Siddarthanagar Traffic Station to rush the victims to the hospital, Muniyappa said and appealed to the public to come to the rescue of such accident victims and rush them to hospital so that lives can be saved.

Source: Star of Mysore