Oust corrupt Siddaramaiah, Shah exhorts Mysuru voters

Jan 27, 2018

MYSURU: BJP chief Amit Shah on Thursday charged chief minister Siddarmaiah with trying to sabotage the Parivarthana rally by tacitly supporting the Karnataka bandh called on the Mahadayi issue.
Throwing the gauntlet at Siddaramaiah ahead of assembly polls in Karnataka, Shah said even today the Congress hasn’t forgotten its “Emergency culture”.

“They made all efforts to stop the BJP from holding the Parivarthana Yatra by organizing a Karnataka bandh, to intimidate the people from attending the rally. This is an indication that the Parivarthana rally has created fear in the minds of the Congress. They fired on all cylinders but couldn’t prevent voters from attending,” he stated, pointing at the crowd.

“I know there are attempts to stymie the valedictory rally which PM Narendra Modiis due to attend in Bengaluru on February 4. But I have complete confidence in the people of Karnataka, that they will not allow it to happen,” Shah said. Anticipating a big crowd at the Bengaluru rally, he said the Congress will realize now that the BJP will romp to victory in the elections.

Shah criticized the Siddaramaiah government’s popular schemes and accused it of corruption on his home turf, Mysuru. He reiterated that corruption has reached its zenith under his leadership and appealed to voters to oust Siddaramaiah and strengthen the hands of Narendra Modi.

Shah highlighted the issue of the Hublot watch, Arkavathy scam, corruption in the Anna Bhagya scheme, and how the party has gone bankrupt by giving prominence to Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary.

Continuing his tirade, Shah told the crowd: “I have come here to challenge Siddaramaiah. Do whatever you want, but you, Siddaramaiah, can’t stop the BJP. The next government will be formed by BJP with BS Yeddyurappa as its head. My only appeal to the people of Karnataka is to overthrow the corrupt and transgressed government.”

Corruption means Siddaramaiah

Corruption means Siddaramaiah and Siddaramaiah means corruption. About 30,000 to 40,000 have gathered here at the rally despite the bandh. I ask you all, has anyone in the crowd worn a Rs 70lakh watch? Despite all this, Siddaramaiah, you call yourself a samajawadi. Farmers have committed suicide, prime lands were denotified in the Arkavathy Layout formation, a diary found with one of CM’s aides has robbed leaders in New Delhi of sleep. There is also corruption in the popular Anna Bhagya scheme. I have a long list and it will take seven days to read out the list of corrupt practices of the government.

When K S Eshwarappa says Amit Shah is a ‘tiger’ and Prime Minister Narendra Modi the ‘lion’ who will be arriving on February 4, does it mean that all the state leaders are sheep? Without resolving the Mahadayi issue, neither Shah nor Modi have the moral right to come to Karnataka and speak. For the past two years, there has been a continuous fight in the state over the Mahadayi river, but Shah has evaded it every time in his public rallies and at the Parivarthana Yatra and is saying a pack of lies against our government. Let Shah go and convince Modi to intervene in the river dispute, or let Modi announce on February 4 that he will resolve the Mahadayi issue by intervening in the matter. Only then will their words have any meaning.