Ornate lamp posts in Mysuru provide poor illumination

Aug 18, 2017

MYSURU: The Mysuru City Corporation’s ornate lamp posts, which are replacing the old ones, may be high on design but low on brightness.

Streetlights are meant to provide adequate lighting after dusk. But almost all the attractive poles installed on a few streets in the heart of Mysuru don’t produce even the minimum illuminationrequired.

Most streetlights on Irwin Road, Dhanwantri Road and parts of Dewan’s Road and Chamaraja Double Road have been replaced with ornate poles. Irwin Road is a good example of poor illumination as passengers, especially women, arriving by trains late at night face trouble while using the stretch. High pressure sodium bulbs being used in these poles are of approximately 70 watts which is insufficient to provide ample light.

After city fathers visited Indore, Madhya Pradesh, some three years ago, authorities initiated the replacement process. Initially. it was welcomed by the public as it aimed at enhancing the beauty of streets. When officials started compromising with its brightness, public are now angry with the change.

Mayor MJ Ravikumar promised to address the issue at the earliest. “I’m planning to replace sodium/incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs so that the brightness increases,” he said.

People are angry that the civic agency is spending lakhs of rupees on ornamental street lights instead of focusing on brightness of lamps. Three different types of lamp posts are found in Mysuru — one with a plain design and light bulbs on two sides facing in opposite direction and another with one bulb. The other category of lights has two light bulbs, one above the other, facing in different directions.
Ravikumar claims the light poles cost approximately Rs 80,000 each but sources claimed that it’s more than Rs 1 lakh. This apart, five light ornate lamp postswith fountains are being installed at five different locations. Each costs a whopping Rs 15 lakh. One has been installed on Dhanwanthri Road-Dewan Road junction.

Some time back, the Mysuru Urban Development Authority too had installed similar heritage lamp post on Kantharaja Urs but the design and colour is different from that of MCC.

Source: Times of India