Nidumamidi Mutt seer backs govt takeover

Feb 10, 2018

 Mysuru: Although pontiffs of many mutts, including the seer of Palimaru Mutt have expressed their opposition to the state government’s proposal of bringing them under the purview of the muzrai or endowments department – the Congress government withdrew the proposal in the assembly on Thursday – seer of the Nidumamidi Mutt Veerabhadra Channamalla Swamy defended the move.
“The government is only following the court’s orders, and the decision to bring the mutts under their jurisdiction will ring in transparency, and stop misuse of the mutt property,” he said.

Channammala Swamy, a representative of the Progressive Seer’s Forum, alleged that a few mutts were turning into centres for earning black money. “Mutts belong to the public,” he added.

In the wake of an increasing number of complaints about irregularities in mutts, a divisional bench of the high court had, in 2007, sought opinion from the public and heads of religious establishments on bringing them under the government. “A draft was prepared in the same year, and was handed over to the then BJP-JD(S) government, which failed to act on it,” Channamalla Swamy said.

 The draft clearly states that the government would not interfere with the administration of the mutts, he said. “It will intervene only when there are financial disputes, when there are questions over possible misuse of the mutt’s property,” the pontiff said.

Taking a swipe at the opposition parties, he added, “They are misleading the public for political reasons. Opposition parties that are criticizing the government will have to follow the court’s orders if they come to power.”

Channamalla Swamy opined that the government must see if it can take over places of worship of other religions too.

Seer Gnana Prakash Swami of Urilingapeddi Mutt, seer Basavalinga Murthy of Sharanara Bavaikyapeeta Mysuru, seer Nagi Deva Swamy of Chaluvadi Peeta, Chitradurga were present.