Mysuru’s famous indelible ink gets a fancy new avatar

May 6, 2017

Voters across the country are familiar with the traditional ink and brush used during elections to mark their fingers once they exercise their franchise. The process of application of the indelible ink, though, often leaves an unsightly mark on a person’s finger, which takes months to fade away. Going forward, though, the sign that you have voted is set to get a neat makeover, what with the makers of the ink, the Mysuru Paints and Varnish Limited (MPVL) introducing it as marker pens. The first batch of pens, along with several bottles of the ink, is being shipped to Cambodia for the country’s parliamentary elections next month.

 The marker pens, says HA Venkatesh, Chairman of MPVL, are being introduced following instructions from the Election Commission of India. All elections, henceforth, will be conducted with the use of these pens as proof of voting. “Following directions from the Election Commission, we decided to replace the present bottle and brush indelible ink with marker pens. We had sent samples to the Commission and have received positive feedback,” says Venkatesh.