Mysuru’s chain link yoga event gets a perfect 10

Jun 20, 2017

MYSURU: Mysuru is likely to break the Guinness World Record set by Kshatriya Vidyasala managing board, Tamil Nadu, where 3,849 persons performed chain yoga on November 14, 2014.
The chain yoga event at Mysuru Palace was performed by 8,381 volunteers on Monday. The authorities are expecting official confirmation about the new record soon.
Hard work by students, teachers, yoga instructors, volunteers and district officials in the past 10 days will yield a positive result, said deputy commissioner D Randeep. The organisers conducted a headcount by providing hand bands to students from various schools and colleges, from Class 6 to II PU. The event was organized by the district administration.

The enthusiastic students, instructed by teachers and volunteers, came up with a scintillating performance. Though the event was to start at 11am, the organisers and instructors wanted to make sure everything was fine, started at noon and ended by 12.30pm.

┬áTeachers, senior yoga instructors, officials and girls from the sports hostel corrected the participants’ mistakes, and ensured that they performed to perfection. Pratibha, a teacher from Kautilya School, provided drinking water to all the students.

Senior yoga guru Ranganath instructed the participants, who had come from nearly 30 institutions. Both the practice session and presentation went off without a hitch. The students performed four asanas: Veerabhadrasana-1 (warrior posture-1), Trikonasana (triangle), Veerabhadrasana-2 (warrior posture-2) and Prasaritha Padottanasana (forward bend) in just 2mins 30 seconds.

After the event, the DC said, “I want to thank all the participants and instructors, volunteers and district officials responsible for the successful conduct of the event.Though we had some problems in arrangement, the students managed for three to four hours. The video recording will be sent to the Guinness Book of World Records, and we will know the result in 10 days.” Bharathi, UoM registrar, was the observer and will send her report in a few days.

MA Sumithra, teacher at Sadvidya Educational Institution, said she was proud to be part of the performance.