Mysuru: Diagnostic centres offer CBC, platelet count tests free of cost

Jul 25, 2017

MYSURU: When whole Mysuru district is hit by the various kinds of viral fevers including Dengue and state government run health centres including Primary Health Centers(PHCs) and taluka hospitals are running without necessary diagnostic equipment and para medical staff, two diagnostic centres in the district including one in the Mysuru city are offering Complete Blood Count (CBC) and platelet count tests at free of cost. This free facility is helping the hundreds of poor patients every day who can’t afford these blood tests to ensure that they will not face any complications at the later stage of fever.

Dr B H Manjunath, a renowned orthopaedic surgeon of the city is running two diagnostic centres i.e. one in Mysuru city and another in Nanjanagud town of the district. In Mysuru city, free blood tests is done at Mysore Diagnostic Center, New Sayyaji Rao road and in Nanjanagud free tests are offered at Jeevadhara Diagnostic centre.


Dr B H Manjunath informed that every day an average 80 to 100 patients are utilising the free blood test service offered at Mysore Diagnostic Center, Mysuru. “Here we started this free service from June 25 and it is a month now,” he informed.

“In Nanjanagudu around 35 to 40 patients are getting the benefit of the free service every day. We started the free blood test scheme in Nanjanagudu on July 19 and in both the places this free service will continue for one more month,” he said.

According to Dr B H Manjunath, patients from government health centres, taluka hospitals and even from the private clinics are referred to both these diagnostic centres to ensure that patients will not suffer from prolonged illness.

Speaking to Times of India, Dr B H Manjunath informed that in the whole state, Mysuru district is the worst victim of various fevers especially Dengue. “I am a practising health professional and this is the high time to help the needy patients who can’t pay for blood tests. Dengue is affecting the whole district. This is my contribution towards helping the needy patients,” he said.

“This free blood test initiative has been taken up under the ‘I Serve Nation initiative’.

Source: Times of India