Mysuru couple to participate in cycling championship in Germany

Jul 15, 2017

MYSURU: Eklavya award winner Lokesh Narasimhachar and Fariyal Jamadar, cyclist couple from the city who founded Cyclopedia in 2013 to promote an eco-friendly mode of transport, are heading to Germany.

The duo, who are involved in the promotion of cycling in Mysuru city, are participating in XCO National Championship at Bad Salzdetfuirth, Germany on July 22 and 23 and in a 24-hours race at Nurburgring, Germany on July 31. Loki and Fariyal are the only two Indians who have been invited to participate in these two races which will witness participants from across the world. The 24-hours race at Nurburgring will be held on F1 track.

Lokesh, who has been cycling since past 16 years and Fariyal who has been racing since past 9 years, said that XCO National Championship at Bad Salzdetfuirth is all about racing for a distance of 60 kms tough terrain. In 24 hours race at Nurburgring, each team/participant is allocated precisely one pit or a plot on the extensive terrain. Every participant’s place is directly on the race track. Everyone has to ride 24 hours within their best time.
The couple has already carved their own niche in the field of cycling circuits by winning awards in various national/international cycling races which includes Asian Championship and various pro-tour races.
Speaking to The Times of India, Lokesh and Fariyal said that their participation in these two races will help them promote cycling back home. “For the tenth time, Bad Salzdetfurth is the venue for an international mountain bike cross country race. With its Formula 1 infrastructure, the Nurburgring offers perfect conditions for the 24-hours race. These event title bouts get a special attention in the international racing series – an unforgettable experience for every leisure rider,” they explained.
“We are promoting the cycling culture in Mysuru by sharing our unique experience with other talented cyclists. We hope to change the way cycling is pursued in the country and help youngsters get into the sport,” they said.