MUDA all set to sell 1,683 Sites in RT Nagar Layout

Jun 21, 2017

MYSURU: Mysuru Urban Development Authority (Muda) on Tuesday announced the provisional list of beneficiaries of sites developed at Rabindranath Tagore Nagar (RT Nagar) off Outer Ring Road in west Mysuru. The announcement is expected to skyrocket real estate prices in Mysuru.

The layout, having 1,683 sites of different dimensions, was developed a decade ago. But the urban development body was unable to distribute the sites as the land acquisition was questioned in a court of law by land losers. Seeking additional compensation, farmers had approached a local court, the high court and the Supreme Court. The apex court later referred the matter to the lower court.

The provisional list is based on the seniority of the applicants, that number of attempts by the applicants and their age. If the number of attempts between the applicants is same, then their age is considered, said Muda chairman D Dhruvakumar. “Perhaps this could be the final list, but we are following the procedure to give time to file objections, if any.” he added.

Dhruvakumar termed June 20 as historic in the two-decade-long history of Mdua as it is distributing maximum number of plots in one go on that day. “The last time that Muda distributed sites were at Lalithadri Nagar in 2011,” he added.

Muda has carefully gone through the applicant details to select the beneficiaries to avoid any embarrassment later. Sources claimed that some applicants and activists have obtained information of the site aspirants under RTI to verify whether the urban body has actually selected the beneficiaries based purely on merit.

Muda has been maintaining the seniority list since 1991. Of the total 88,000-plus applications pending before Muda, only 38,523 had sought sites in RT Nagar in 2011. From the remaining, a list of 1,683 beneficiaries has been finalized.