Mother’s keen eye helps bring ‘dead’ child back

May 5, 2017

A woman, who was told her child had died during delivery, traced him out amid a group of rescued children, went to the police and with their help underwent tests to prove that indeed the child was hers.

The woman had gone for delivery to Naseema Hospital in Mysuru, where the doctors told her that the child had died. Months later, she read in the papers a report about a group of children who were rescued from a trafficking racket at the hospital and saw a picture of the children rescued. Among the children she saw a child, whose face bore resemblance to her husband’s.

The woman, who has two daughters, had come to know she was pregnant with the third child just a few months after her husband’s death. She went to the hospital and asked for an abortion, but the pregnancy had crossed the stage of abortion. So she went ahead with the delivery at the hospital, only to be told that the male child had died during birth.

When she saw the story and the picture, however, she felt convinced that the child had not died. So she went to the police station with the relevant documents and spoke to Dr Subrahmayeshwar Rao, Commissioner of Police. The CoP paid heed to this and called for an investigation. The DNA samples proved that indeed she was the mother of the child, who was now at Bapuji Children’s Home.

Social Welfare officers too confirmed that the baby found in the rescue home was born to a widow.

The case has been transferred to the Mandi police station. Police have traced three sets of biological parents to nine female and seven male rescued children.

Mandi police officials said the procedure to hand over these children to their parents was going on as per the law. The police are waiting for the court’s order to make the complete handing over.