Miraculous Escape For Labourers As Mud Collapses At UGD Work Site

Jan 10, 2019

Mysuru:  Three labourers, who were fixing pipes inside a trench, dug up to lay new UGD pipes at Dasanakoppal, were rescued by the Fire and Emergency Service personnel after the mud piled up on the sides of the trench, collapsed on them resulting in them getting buried yesterday.

The rescued labourers are 27-year-old Chandan of K.R. Pet, 25-year-old Puttaraju of Udbur and 50-year-old Mariswamy of Vajamangala. A deep trench was dug up using a JCB machine to lay UGD pipes and the mud was piled up on the sides of the open trench. Yesterday at about 4 pm, the three labourers got down inside the trench and were joining the pipes, when the mud reportedly collapsed on them.

Source: Star of Mysore