MCC to put cattle straying on roads in shelter

Feb 9, 2018


Mysuru: Fed up with stray cattle creating problems for motorists, the MCC has decided to remove them from the streets and to put them in a shelter.
To curb the stray cattle menace in the city, the MCC will use vehicles with hydraulic lifts to take cattle off the streets. A facility has been built to house stray cattle at Vidyaranyapuram. The civic body is focusing on going after the owners of cattle, by taking their cattle off the streets, and relocating them at the facility. The MCC issued warnings earlier, which were not heeded by the owners.

As complaints are on the rise about the cattle menace, the MCC has decided to act tough.

Cattle are left to wander on the roads of the city, which is hindering traffic. It is prevalent in the city’s business district and in commercial spots in residential areas. Many a time, cattle are seen sitting on the median in the main thoroughfares, causing problems for motorists.

MCC commissioner G Jadegeesha, said, “This is the second time that a warning has been issued to cattle owners in the city. Crores of rupees will be spent to construct roads to ensure that traffic moves in a smooth manner. Cattle straying on the road pose a threat to motorists. Cattle can be seen wandering at Vidyaranyapuram, Agrahara, Sayyaji Rao road and Mahatma Gandhi road. In November last year, we issued a notice about imposing a fine of Rs 500, if owners allow cattle to stray on the road. Now, the cattle will be locked up in the new cattle shelter, if they are left to wander.”

“Tender process is on to procure vehicles with hydraulic lifts. The cost of each vehicle is expected to be Rs 12 lakh. They are widely used across major city corporations,” Jagadeesha added.

The MCC commissioner added, “Earlier, the MCC could only accommodate two cattle at its facility. Due to the newly-constructed cattle shelter, more than 35 cattle can be kept there. When this is implemented, the stray cattle menace in the city can be attended to properly,” he added.

Abhishek B, a resident of Ramanuja road, said, “Stray cattle wandering on MG road and Nanjumalige cause many problems. At times I cannot judge the movement of cattle. They are reasons for minor accidents as well. The MCC’s move of putting them in the cattle shelter is a good one.”

MCC veterinarian Suresh told TOI that the cattle shed constructed at the Kalyangiri Sewage cost Rs 25 lakh. “The shed has water and fodder facilities, and can accommodate 40 cattle. Cattle brought to the shed from different areas are kept safely,” he added.

“Sometime back, the MCC issued a notice on imposing a fine of Rs 500 for allowing cattle to wander in the city, but it didn’t have much impact. The MCC then decided to crack the whip and impose a fine. Since the MCC started imposing a fine on owners in November last year, for allowing cattle to stray on roads, over Rs 40,000 has been collected,” Suresh said.

P N Subramanian, the deputy chief traffic warden, told TOI that stray cattle in the city are causing traffic issues. “Cowherds should not allow cows to stray on roads. Motorists have met with accidents while trying to avoid cattle. The MCC’s plan to lock up straying cattle in the cattle shed will prevent unnecessary traffic jams.”