Man, son killed by lightning in field

May 11, 2017

Mysuru: A father-son duo was killed on the spot following a lightning strike at a field in Periyapatna in Mysuru on Tuesday.

Beeregowda, 47, and his son Shivakumar, 14, residents of Makoda Shetty Halli in the taluk, were at work when they were struck by lightning. Police said the duo was taking shelter under a tree after it started raining heavily around 2.45pm. The rain was accompanied by thunderstorms, and the tree under which they were standing was struck by lightning.

Periyapatna police said some villagers were at the field at the time of incident.

Pourakarmika electrocuted

A pourakarmika was electrocuted after coming in contact with a live wire while at work at a village near here on Tuesday.

Manjunath, 31, of Doora village was summoned to repair a blocked toilet in Udbur early in the morning. Unaware of a power cable passing under the ground close to the toilet, he started digging the ground with a crowbar. After sometime, the crowbar touched the live wire underground, and he collapsed and died.

His friend, who was with him, has accused the property owner Siddammanayak of not alerting them about the wire passing under the ground.

Manjunath’s wife said that her husband, who worked for Doora gram panchayat, frequently attended to individual complaints to eke out a living. Manjunath left home in the morning, saying that he will return for breakfast, but did not. The mother of two children has demanded that the government provide her a job.