Leopard cub dies afer being knocked down by vehicle

May 30, 2017

MYSURU: A leopardess was fatally knocked down by an unidentified vehicle at Moolehole range inside Bandipur National Park. The tragedy happened days after a Kerala delegation sought the intervention of Congress state incharge K C Venugopal to help lift the night ban on movement of vehicles inside the tiger reserve, mainly to facilitate movement of trucks along the national highway, The carcass of the sixmonth-old leopardess was found on the road near the Kerala border on Saturday morning. She may have been knocked down on Friday evening when motorists usually hit the accelerator to beat the night-ban deadline. Vehicular entry is banned between 9pm and 6am in the park. Though foresters have put in place road humps to restrict the speed of vehicles, there are been cases of animals dying in accidents.

¬†On Saturday, when the road opened for traffic at 6am, motorists noticed the carcass near Moolehole guesthouse and alerted foresters. The field staff shifted the carcass for postmortem. Sources said leopardess died on the spot following injuries sustained in the accident. A heavy vehi cle probably knocked it down, they noted. Bandipur forest officials launched a probe to zero in on the vehicle after registering a case of hit-and-run. The 20-km national highway running through the forest, has only two CCTVs cameras – one at the Karnataka border and another near Kerala’s.
This is the first case of death of a big cat after vehicular movement was banned at night at Bandipur in June 2009.