KSRTC, traffic cops step up precautionary measures to prevent more tragic incidents

Oct 26, 2017

Mysuru: In the wake of the tragic incident wherein Ullekh, a schoolboy, was run over by a city bus on Monday and lost a leg, officials of both the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and traffic police appear to have been sallied into action.

In a bid to ensure that there is no repeat of such accidents, both KSRTC and traffic cops have stepped up precautionary measures. While KSRTC authorities have directed the drivers and conductors to ensure that the automatic doors are shut before the buses move from the stop, police have decided to deploy a home guard to ensure students face no trouble crossing the busy Sayyaji Rao Road to reach the bus stand.

In fact, KSRTC officials are already monitoring the movement of buses, and announcements on buses requesting both passengers and drivers to take necessary precautions are being made, while all buses equipped with automatic doors are keeping their doors shut before moving. However, KSRTC officials are none too pleased with rumours about the death of the schoolboy. They dismissed reports of the schoolboy having been pushed off the footboard, and asserted that this was the first instance of a death at the KSRTC Bus Stand, which holds the distinction of being the best of its kind in the country.

But what is troubling is the rush that students appear to be in to board, and further, reserve a seat on the bus – they employ a variety of methods ranging from throwing bags through the windows to grab a seat. Justifying the scramble, the students said that since most buses departed on time, they had to make a dash for it.

Ullekh, 14, too had highlighted a similar problem. Ullekh would have had to travel by two buses, costing him more time, if he missed the direct bus home.

Veena, the homeguard stationed at the junction, mooted a foot overbridge as a possible solution to the problem. “Motorists have no regard for pedestrians,” she said.

KSRTC urban divisional controller KH Srinivas said, “We monitor the movement of all buses to keep a check on rash and negligent driving. What happened on Monday was unfortunate and it was the first time it happened. We have asked the staff to take all necessary precautions.”


Students will now be able to use technology to air their problems during or pertaining to travel by KSRTC buses. Problems such as late-running or rash buses can be sent to the divisional controller of the KSRTC urban division through WhatsApp (Number: 7760990750).

One of the oft-repeated complaints against drivers and conductors is that they do not allow students with passes to board buses. “Although students have raised this problem frequently, there has been no written complaint,” said Srinivas.

“We will definitely take action against our employees if we receive any complaint,” he added.

A high school student claimed that buses running via Ganapathu Ashrama seldom stopped at the terminal there. “Also, buses stop for very little time at many stops. If they see students, they just slow the buses down instead of stopping them completely,” he added.

Source: Times of India