KDP Review Meeting Held

Oct 13, 2017

Mysuru: The monthly review meeting of Karnataka Development Programme(KDP), including the 20 point programme, was held at the ZP Hall here yesterday.

Soon as the meeting began, Front & Supplies Department Deputy Director Dr. K. Rameshwarappa, highlighting the progress made in the Department, said that the Department had received 92,802 applications in the past two months seeking BPL, cards. But after a through screening of all the applications, only 81,531 were found to be genuine and arrangements have been made to disturbute the cards through post.

ZP Social Justice Standing Committee Chairman Beerihundi Basavanna asked Dr. Rameshwarappa to provide complete statistics on the distribution of cards. But as Dr. Rameshwarappa had no hands on information, Basavanna asked him to come up with full statistical details on the distribution of BPL cards. Basavanna alleged that lack of co-ordination between the Food & Civil Supplies Department and the Revenue Department had led to chaos in the distribution of BPL cards.

Intervening at this stage, ZP CEO P. Shivashekar said that the Department had achieved much by disposing off 92,000 applications in two months.

Dr. Rameshwarappa said that as the coupon system had failed, the Department is distributing ration by two methods- one through Bio-Matric System(BMS) and other through Manual System.

Starting that there were 390 Fair Price Shops(FPS) in the district, he said that most of them had adopted the BMS. But a few had knocked on the doors of the Court complaining about the internet connection, he said and added that the Government was taking all steps to rectify the problem.

Source: Star of Mysore