Karnataka election 2018: If BJP comes to power, Reddy brothers will rule, says Prakash Rai

May 9, 2018

MYSURU: Appealing to the people not to vote for the BJP, multilingual actor Prakash Raion Tuesday said that the saffron party’s ascension to power in the state would prove bad for Karnataka. “If the BJP comes to power, the Reddy brothers will rule the state. BS Yeddyurappa will just be a rubber stamp. He will not complete his term,” said the actor.
Rai, who was in Mysuru on Tuesday, said, “While JD(S) national president HD Deve Gowda has made it clear that his party will not join hands with the BJP, I am disturbed by the silence of HD Kumaraswamy.”

Admitting that the situation had indeed been dire when the Emergency was imposed by the Congress, Rai added, “But the problem with the BJP is that it has a secret agenda to change the Constitution. So, I am worried.”

Asking voters to think about how the BJP-ruled states were faring across the country before exercising their franchise on May 12, Rai said, “I am saying, ‘Defeat BJP’. I am not against other parties. People can opt for Congress, JD(S), etc.”

The actor, who recently admitted to his mother and wife fearing for his safety, said, “People throw slippers and shout slogans against me, and I feel sad when that happens. They cannot do anything except killing me.”

Rai dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi a ‘Sullendra (liar)’. “Writers such as P Lankesh, Poornachandra Tejaswi and Shivaram Karanth are part of my conscience,” he said.

Rai later participated in a ‘Save the Constitution’ event along with Gujarat MLA and Dalit activist Jignesh Mevani. “BJP’s defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections will be possible only if it is defeated in Karnataka,” said Mevani, who called Modi the number one thief in the country.

Pointing to the ubiquity of unemployment across the country, Mevani said, “I am not demanding employment for Dalits. But this government has failed in providing jobs even for RSS cadre.”

Questioning Modi’s silence on heinous acts such as ‘rape’, Mevani said, “Modi follows those who upload objectionable videos on the internet. More than 50 BJP MPs are facing charges of sexual assault. BJP means Balatkar Janleva Party.”