Karanji Lake Boating Stoppe: Water Level Depleting Before Summer

Feb 14, 2019

Mysuru: Boating inside the picturesque Karanji Lake has been stopped. Reason: Lack of sufficient water. The boating activity has been stopped in early February, much before the beginning of the summer season putting a huge question mark on the survival of migratory and other birds that roost in the lake precincts.  

Boats that usually ferried people around the Lake have been brought to the shore as the water level in the Lake is fast depleting. Confirming this to Star of Mysore, Zoo Executive Director Ajit M. Kulkarni has said that the Zoo management had taken a decision to stop boating activity and it has been stopped  from Feb.8.

“A certain depth of water is required for boating and we have a situation now where the water level is drastically depleting. Also, the people who run the boating activity after taking tenders told us that the water level was too low and boats got stuck in the slush and silt. So we have stopped boating till the Lake is filled up and we will have to wait for the rains to come,” he said.

Bird-lovers said that the water level usually depletes in Karanji Lake by the end of summer as there are many water inlets to the Lake. The boating activity too is usually suspended either in peak summer or by the end of summer season. There were summer seasons where boating activity continued in the Lake as there was sufficient water. This, however, is not the case this year as the water level has gone down early.

Source: Star of Mysore