JD(S)-BJP ruling combine, oppn Cong trade charges

Aug 3, 2017

Mysuru: The ruling JD(S)-BJP and opposition Congress members on Tuesday sparred over drought management in Mysuru, the chief minister’s home district, trading charges against each other leading to the adjournment of the council meeting of Mysuru zilla panchayat.

The fracas led the members of Congress, which is the single-largest party at ZP, to walk out of the meeting, and this prompted ZP officials and chief Nayeema Sultana to reach out to the opposition. But they insisted that president of social justice standing committee, Beerihundi Basavanna, apologize to former ZP chief Pushpalatha Amarnath for his comments against her. However, the member refused to oblige.

As soon as the meeting convened, the opposition members, mainly Pushpalatha, asked the president, who was chairing the meeting, to allow them to table the subjects to discuss. They asked the meeting to discuss the outbreak of vector-borne diseases, mainly dengue, in the district, and the plans aimed at extending amenities to rural areas.

However, Beerihundi Basavanna objected to it, saying the meeting should only be conducted as per the agenda. Pushpalatha, who is KPCC secretary, said that they are ready to discuss issues affecting people, including drought. She also wanted the meeting to discuss issues like extending sanitary napkins to girls in rural areas at affordable rate. But Basavanna said the ZP meetings, held over the last 18 months, have not discussed serious issues which are affecting the people. The senior Congress member took objection to Basavanna’s remark that she was talking lightly. “I don’t attend the meetings for coffee and breakfast. I know my responsibilities,” she shot back, leading to a war of words between the two camps.

The accusation that Puahpalatha raised issues only when mediapersons are attending the meeting so that she gets publicity angered Congress members, so much so that they staged a walkout. They also sought an apology from the opposition camp. They did not budge even when ZP CEO P Shivashankar reached out to them. Later, Sultana held a discussion with the agitating Congress members and resolved the matter.

Source: Times of India