Ink from Mysuru brings transparency to Cambodian polls

May 5, 2017

After dispatching the huge demand of indelible ink for the assembly elections of five states in India in March, The Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited is all set to dispatch about 46,500 bottles of indelible ink for the Parliament elections in Cambodia.

Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited, popularly referred to as Mylac, is the only authorised company in the country to produce the ink which is used in every elections in the country. The company has also dispatched the indelible ink for many nations during their general elections.

The Mylac has already been busy in manufacturing about 46,500 bottles, that each bottle is of 70 ML that costs 17 US$. The Mylac has started the work from April 26 and expected the work to be completed by May 05. The company is likely to dispatch the bottles to Cambodia by May 6.

The company has already undergone an MOU of Rs 5 crore with the elction commission of Cambodia. Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, H A Venkatesh, Chairman of Mylac told, “We have always kept our quality and delivered the goods on time. This order placed by the Cambodia has shown our commitment towards the quality of the ink.

The company had dispatched demand of 4.30 lakh bottles of ink (each bottle of 10 ml) for the elections in these five states like Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Goa and Punjab that was held in March.

Interestingly, the Nanjangud and Gundlupt election was the last election in India where the indelible inks were used. The Mylac has been asked by the EC to manufacture indelible markers for the coming elections in future. Speaking about the indelible markers H A Venkatesh said, “The markers are even cheaper than the ink and is very easy to manufacture. It will save more time,” he said.