House Collapse At Mandi Mohalla: Man DIes After Saving Four Family Members

Oct 25, 2017

 Mysuru: Seeing his house about to collapse, a fifty-year-old man managed to save all his four family members by leading them outside one-by-one but was crushed under the ceiling and crumbling walls as he was coming out of the house.

He was the last to come out of the house and was buried under the rubble. Efforts to resucitate him failed and his body lay between wailing family members eho said, “Nammnella kaapadi avanu satthu hoda…”( he saved us all and died).

These heart-rending scenes were witnessed at Soppinakeri Second Cross of Mandi Mohalla behind Sri Nagaraja Talkies where a dilapidated house collapsed at 6 am. The house that stood on a 20-35 plot inside a narrow gully was built over 100 years ago and is owned by one Narayanachar. Nagesh Rao and his family had rented the house and the family depended on daily wage income. According to family members, today at 6 am, Nagesh woke up and saw mud falling from differnt sides of the ceiling and realised quickly that the house was about to collapse. Immediately, he woke up his other family members who wer asleep and asked them to rush out of the house.

Nagesh managed to recuse his wife Bharathi, mother Leelavathi, son jeevan and Raju, a relative. As the family members were rushing out of the house, the structure started crumbling and bharathi sustained severe injuries. Nagesh was the last to come out and as he neared the door, the entire ceiling collapsed over him.

The shocked family members screamed for help and neighbours rushed to the rescue. They managed to clear the rubble and liftd Nagesh from the debris. Fire Service personnel arrived at the spot and tried to resuscitae Nagesh but he had died already.

Source: Star of Mysore