HIV-infected kids being cured by traditional medicines: Former min

Nov 30, 2017


Mysuru: Ananta Bharatha Charitable Trust chairman and former minister S A Ramdas said HIV-infected children were being cured by practicing ayurveda, yoga, agnihotra, siddha and traditional medicines.

At a press meet here on Wednesday, Ramdas said the trust, in association with Asare Foundation, is treating HIV-infected children at its research centre ‘Amma Mane’.

“Due to the treatment provided at the centre, children’s health is improving. They have also increased their food consumption to around 400 grams. Their blood samples will be sent to Veda Research Centre in London for examination,” he said.

Ramdas said the HIV-infected children usually wake up around 4.30 am and practice yogasana, agnihotra and prayers. Later, they are given food made of millets (siridhanya). The treatment goes on for five years, but results can be seen within three years, he said.

On the Chamundi Hills trek which has been organised by various organisations at 6.30 am on December 1, he said: “Around 20 children from Amma Mane along with other children will participate in the trek. They will visit the temple and pray for good health of all the children.”