Hit-And-Run Case Atop Chamundi Hill: Killer Vehicle Left Mysuru A Day After Accident

Jul 11, 2018

Mysuru: The Hyundai Creta that killed 21-year-old M.C. Namana and Aravinda Rao atop Chamundi Hill on the night of July 5 (Thursday) left the city the very next day. A visual captured by a CCTV camera has spotted the vehicle speeding on the Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway.

Police sources told Star of Mysore that the SUV was spotted on the Highway at Columbia Asia Hospital signal and the CCTV cameras installed in the area have captured the visuals at 9.45 am on July 6. But the visuals have not been able to capture the registration number of the vehicle.

The Creta had collided with Aravinda Rao’s bike near the Watch Tower Junction atop Chamundi Hill on Thursday evening.

While Aravinda died the same day when being shifted to a hospital, Namana, who was riding pillion, was declared brain dead a day later. Her vital organs were harvested and a ‘green corridor’ was created on July 7 between Mysuru and Bengaluru to transport the organs.

The Police had recovered a piece of the bumper of the vehicle and the side-view mirror  from the accident spot and even the CCTV visuals have captured the movement of the SUV with the damaged side-view mirror. The visuals also display one side of the vehicle that is scratched and the Police have said that the SUV could have brushed the side of the wall atop the Chamundi Hill at the time of the accident.

Sources said that after the accident on July 5, the occupants of the vehicle stayed in Mysuru and left towards Bengaluru as they would have read in the newspapers on July 6 that Aravinda Rao was dead.

The Police are now focussing on areas including Srirangapatna, Mandya, Maddur, Ramanagaram and Bengaluru to trace the Creta. “We have already formed four teams to trace the killer vehicle and we have informed all the jurisdictional Police to zero-in on the vehicle and also scan CCTV visuals,” a Police officer said.

Source: Star of Mysore