Give your feedback to help Mysuru get cleanest city tag

Jan 9, 2018

MYSURU: The Swachh Sarvekshan of 2018 seems to have started on a positive note for the city of Mysuru as 400 marks which were earmarked for the Swachhtha app download has been fully claimed by the city. “The target set by the central government was 18,000 app downloads but we have surpassed the target as over 26,000 people have downloaded the app which has made it possible for us to claim 400 marks”, said Mysore City Corporation (MCC) commissioner Jagadeesh here on Sunday, speaking at the launch of a citizen’s forum for Swachh Mysuru.
“This year 1,400 marks will be awarded for citizen feedback in the survey. Good news is we have already obtained 400 marks through app downloads. We need another 1,000 marks to reach the 1,400 mark,” said Jagadeesh.

Stating that a citizen’s forum will help in garnering feedback from the general public, Mysuru deputy commissioner D Randeep said, “The MCC and the district administration have been doing their bit to ensure the city gets the top slot in the Swachh rankings. The required documentation has been completed and submitted by the MCC and the district administration. The only thing that remains now is the feedback from people. It is essential for the public to join hands with us to reclaim the top slot. The citizen’s forum will help us to reach people and obtain feedback in order to claim the remaining 1,000 marks.”

Urging the public to provide a feedback the DC said, “Last time Mysuru slipped to fifth place due to lapses from the MCC as public toilets were not built and we didn’t reach the desired number when it came to citizen feedback. Over 4,000 cities are competing this time. I urge the people of Mysuru to provide feedback on the official feedback number 1969 and also record their feedback on the app or on the official Swachh Sarvekshan website.”

 There are only six questions that need to be answered by the public. I request the people of Mysuru to give their feedback to help Mysuru emerge as the cleanest city again, stated Randeep.

Drawing a comparison between the number of cities that took part in the Sarvekshan last year and the number of cities which are taking part in it this year the MCC Commissioner said, “Last year only 485 cities were vying for the top slot. However, this year there has been a 10-fold increase as there are 4,041 cities which are fighting for the cleanest city tag. We can reclaim the number one position through citizen feedback.”

Ex-MLC D Madegowda called upon the people of Mysuru to record their feedback and help the city reclaim the first place.

“The BSNL line failed to work last time which proved to be costly for Mysuru. The lines are working now,” said MCC commissioner Jagadeesh.