Four from Tamil Nadu stuck on Cauvery banks rescued

Jul 27, 2017

CHAMARAJANAGAR: A four member family from Tamil Nadu had a miraculous escape after water level in the Cauvery river suddenly and dramatically rose in minutes at Shivanasamudra, near here, on Tuesday.

The four persons, including a woman, from Madurai were standing on a high rock when the water level started increasing by the minute, after crest gates of a Cauvery reservoir were opened upstream to release excess storage. They were stranded for about an hour with the water swirling about the rock. The Kollegal Rural police confirmed that Palaniappan, Pushpaswamy , Tambi and Doreswamy visited Chamarajanagar and Shimsha Falls on Tuesday.

While they were unwinding on the banks of Cauvery, the incident took place.

Caught unawares, they frantically started calling out for help, and villagers who noticed them rushed to their rescue. They brought in a lad der and shifted all four of them to safety as an expert swimmer stood guard. The four crossed the river on the ladder in a single file and reached the banks safe.

Police officer Honnuraj said people ignore warning boards put up on the riverbank, and land in trouble.

The Kollegal Rural police have also strengthened security at the spot to prevent a repeat of the incident.

Source: Times of India