Forest dept delays high speed internet facility for BR Hill Gram Panchayat

Jun 13, 2017

Mysuru: Even after 15 years, due to forest department’s non approval for laying optical fibre cable in its stretch at B R Hill, BSNL is unable to provide high speed broad band to B R Hill Gram Panchayat.

For better internet speed, copper cable needs to be replaced with optical fibre cables but due to lacklustre approach of the forest department, though the optical fibre line has come till B R Hill arch gate, BSNL authorities couldn’t go further. “If the forest department gives its nod, we will complete the long pending 18-km stretch work in just two to three weeks so that B R Hill Gram Panchayat will get the much required high speed internet for its official administration purpose”, added Jayaram, Principle General Manager, Mysuru District Telecom.

“Due to elected representatives’ opposition against digging roads in the city we couldn’t completely replace copper cable with optical fibre cable across Mysuru city. Apart from few places, though there is no much opposition in rural areas, it’s not the same in city as it has becomes difficult to dig the roads”, said Jayaram.

On the occasion, he also briefed about the contribution of BSNL to the region. “BSNL Karnataka has the responsibility of providing ‘information highways’ at the doorstep of every gram panchayat/public offices. This goes a long way in facilitating ‘Digital India’ even in remote administrative units like gram panchayats (GP). So far, we have covered 5605 GPs by laying optical fibre to an extent of 11,177 Km across Karnataka. Mysuru Telecom has served all 365 gram panchayats of Mysuru and Chamarajanagar revenue district. Additional 44 gram panchayats are being provided service. It is expected to be completed within a month’s time. Thus, ‘Digital India’ programme is not urban-centric but spread across all panchayat offices of Mysuru and Chamarajanagar revenue district. Availability of quality high bandwidth has helped in e-governance, beneficiaries being provided service at their own places. Banking, post office activities in rural areas are galvanised due to the availability of quality bandwidth through optical fibre cable”, added Jayaram.

He also mentioned that 2g, 3g or 4g due to air interface if used by more people, the bandwidth speed drops which is not the same with fibre to home. “Among 25,000 broadband connections in our region, already 3000 to 4000 people have got high speed connections. In a phased manner, that is, by 2019 all will be getting high speed broad band connection in Mysuru region”, he added.