Following fraudulent claims, Amazon revises delivery system

Apr 14, 2018

MYSURU: Following two incidents wherein E-commerce giant Amazon was duped of products cumulatively worth Rs 2 lakh by a group of four youngsters in the city, the company has now revised its delivery process.
Now, packages worth Rs 3,000 or more will be handed over to customers only after the individual in charge of delivery has taken a photograph of the product as confirmation. This step has been put in place to avoid instances wherein a few fraudsters, who order expensive products, repudiate delivery of the same in the package to get money from the company.

Two of the four youngsters who were involved in duping the company had worked on a call centre that handled Amazon’s customer complaints, and were familiar with the delivery process. Once they quit their jobs, the duo teamed up with two others, and proceeded to defraud the company. Amazon has reportedly suffered losses to the tunes of lakhs of rupees owing to such fraudulent activities in Mysuru.

Shivarudra, who is one of the many people in Mysuru who handles deliveries for Amazon, told TOI that he had clicked a photograph of a phone worth nearly Rs 17,000 before handing it to the customer. “The e-commerce giant has termed this ‘Open box’ delivery,” he said.

In November, Amazon received an order for an iPhone 7 worth nearly Rs 48,000. Although the product was promptly delivered, the customer raised a complaint with Amazon that he had received only the box, and not the phone. Not suspecting any foul play, the company promptly sent another phone to the customer, but the customer repeated the complaint again, following which Amazon credited the price of the phone to the customer’s bank account. When Udayagiri police nabbed the four youngsters involved in the operation, they found that they had used fake e-mail IDs, sim cards that had been fraudulently obtained and discarded once the operation was complete.

A cop, who worked at the Udayagiri station, said that they received a complaint a few weeks after the incident occurred, when Amzaon uncovered the fraud during an audit.

“We were successful in cracking the case. The crime left both Amazon Indiaauthorities and police stunned. We advised the company representatives to be more careful while delivering goods,” he said.

In an e-mail to TOI, Amazon India spokesperson Ashwini said, “As a customer-centric company, we ensure all customer packages are delivered safely. To ensure this, we have opted for open-box delivery service in the case of delivery of expensive products. Customers will always have the opportunity to ask for this service.”