Excise officials find 15kg of pure ganja, arrest four

Jun 8, 2017

MYSURU: When excise officials raided the houses of two suspects, little did they realize that they would stumble upon a huge organized drug ring in Mysuru.

They arrested four youths and seized nearly 15 kilos of pure ganja – ‘fruiting tops’, which is uncommon.

This was their first ever raid in the recent past but the success has motivated officials to take their action to the next level, and aims to curb drug peddling in Mysuru. Karnataka police may have raided places and seized ganja but they haven’t found anything bigger than this.

Excise deputy commissioner Jagadish Nayak said they are likely to continue the raids and intensify searches after this major detection. This is the first time we have raided houses to search for ganja, he explained.

┬áSince our investigation has revealed that youngsters are the primary targets of drug peddlers, our immediate goal is to sensitize youths, especially students, in Mysuru. We will be requesting the Narcotics Control Bureau authorities in Bengaluru to assist us in educating youngsters about the dangers of consuming narcotic substances. NCB officers are experts on this score, said Nayak. “To start with, we’re planning to launch our awareness drive at an engineering college and depending on its success, we will continue the education programme,” he said.
The recent arrest of a gang from Mandi Mohalla has helped them get complete information about the illegal racket and the people involved in it. The arrested have disclosed their connections, a source claimed.