Excise officials destroy liquor

May 31, 2017

MYSURU: Excise officials on Tuesday destroyed huge amount of India made liquor, beer and arrack on the campus of the excise office in Nazarbad as per law.

 Excise deputy commissioner Jagadish Nayak said the liquor seized by police as well as excise officials in different incidents in the last one year was destroyed. Liquor or beeror arrack seized by police has to be handed over to excise officials. “We take out a sample of each variety of alcohol for evidence purpose and keep it till the case is closed in the court of law,” he said.
Excise deputy commissioner in the respective division will be in possession of the seized liquor and he/she can take a decision to destroy it. Jagadish told TOI that the liquor and beer was seized during raids on shops, public places, residences and villages. Liquor was being sold without permit in villages as well as in semi-urban places in the district. Even arrack was seized during the raids on specific information.
After 2003, liquor seized in various operations had to be destroyed as per provision of the Excise Act. Earlier it was not so, the official stated. We used to segregate and sell recovered liquor to shops until 2003. As it would create confusion during inspection of shops by officials and there was every chance of adulteration, resale of confiscated liquor was stopped. Since then there is a strict order to destroy it.