Encroachments along Ratha Beedhi at Nanjangud cleared

Jan 27, 2018

MYSURU: After residents of the temple town publicly registered their disappointment with the condition of the Ratha Beedhi(procession route) of Nanjangud, deputy commissioner D Randeep directed district authorities to clear encroachments along the path that the chariot of the Srikanteshwarasamy temple will take on the occasion of Dodda Jathre scheduled on March 28.
Once the encroachments along the route are cleared, the road is set to be concretised at the cost of Rs 10 crore.
On Friday, authorities cleared encroachments along a 1.3km-length of the procession route, with nearly 40 properties being demolished. Under police supervision, the authorities, comprising officials from the municipal corporation and the public works department, rolled in five earth moving machines to clear the encroachments.

Randeep directed authorities to concretise the Ratha Beedhi, after The Times of India published a report on the residents erecting a noticeboard, wherein they asked the municipal administration and the temple authorities to sell the chariot if they were incapable of fixing the road.

During the Dodda Jathre, five chariots are dragged through the thoroughfares of Nanjangud. Randeep posited that concretization of the road would be a permanent solution, one that would ensure the smooth progress of the chariots.

Under the first phase of the concretisation project, the 60m-stretch from Angadi Beedhi to Patashala Beedhi, and the 1.4km-stretch from BN Road to RP Road will be relaid.