Dist admin prepares for an afforestation project

Aug 30, 2017

Mysuru: The district administration is teaming with the forest department and NGOs in the afforestationdrive for greening the district.

DC D Randeep on Monday held a meeting with key officials at his office, wherein DCF K T Hanumanthappa proposed a masterplan to make the district green in the next five years.

 “At present, there is unplanned and unorganized planting of trees in the city. Roads are without trees, while parks off Outer Ring Road and medians are barren,” Hanumanthappa said, adding that there is depletion of green cover in the district. “The afforestation drive will make Mysuru beautiful,” the DCF said.

The masterplan will include concept-based planting of trees, wherein each avenue will be planted with similar species of saplings. The city roads will be unique in terms of flowers, fragrance, fruits and foliage, Hanumanthappa noted.

Over the next five years, saplings will be planted in offices, institutions, companies and industries. The medians will have bushes and trees planted, he added. The district administration is also planning to encourage planting of saplings in residential areas and terrace farming.

The DCF put forth a proposal of forming a foundation — Hasiru Mysuru.

The residents of the city can contribute to the project by paying Rs 930 which will be spent on seeds, saplings and maintenance of a tree for 3 years. One can also opt for only seeds and saplings by paying Rs 430. The foundation is planning to charge Rs 75 for those who wish to contribute for only seeds.

There is also a plan to launch a cellphone application (app) and website www.hasirumysurur.org for the registration of volunteers for the massive project. The foundation, which will also allow volunteers to adopt roads, is planning to start its works in September. The district administration is planning to form a working committee to pool in information from various officers.

Randeep said that the plan is comprehensive enough to sustain in a longer run. He guided Muda officials to approve private layouts only after saplings are planted there. He asked the officials to have this as a pre-condition for layout planners.

The DC also asked the officials to identify corridors having high-tension lines and large areas for planting saplings. Besides planting saplings, there are also plans to maintain old and existing trees, Randeep added.