Device to make wearing catheter more comfortable

May 8, 2017

MANIPAL: It can be wearisome for patients to walk around with a catheter – a narrow tube inserted into an orifice of the body to remove fluids — tied to them in a hospital. Moreover, moving around with a catheter also increases chances of contracting catheter urinary tract infection (CAUTI). However, a simple device designed by faculty members of Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal not only hides the catheter making it less of a burden to walk around with, but also reduces chances of contracting CAUTI.
Designed by Shalini G Nayak, Janet Alva and Prima JJ D’Souza, Urosac Comforter eases unobstructed flow of urine through the catheter, and prevents traction when patients are mobile.
Pointing out that common occurrence of CAUTI among patients inspired the teachers to come up with the device, Manipal College of Nursing dean Dr Anice George said, “A large number of CAUTI cases can be prevented by properly managing the indwelling catheter and the urine collection bag. Securing the catheter and the bag to the body helps in flow of urine.”