Crime rate came down in city by 15% in 2017: Commissioner

Jan 1, 2018

Mysuru: As the world prepares to step over the threshold, and greet a new year with a mixture of nostalgia, and excitement, Mysureans will have good reason to look back on 2017 – the city registered a 15% decline in the year gone by.
Announcing the drop in Mysuru’s crime rate, City police commissioner A Subramanyeshwar Rao said, “In 2017. Mysuru police recovered stolen items worth Rs 2 crore, besides collecting rs 8.5 crore in fines for violation of traffic rules.”

One of the major crimes that witnessed a sharp decline in 2017 was chain snatching, dropping by a drastic 53% in comparison to ’16. “Also, the number of fatalities in accident cases has come down by 4%. Violence and assault cases too fell by 10% owing to the tight vigil that cops kept on anti-social elements,” Rao said.

Pointing to the string of initiatives launched by police in 2017, the commissioner added, “Anew beat system, strict night patrolling routines, Garuda and Cheetah operations, cobra bikes, women’s helpline, anti-rowdy squad, etc, are among some of the initiatives we launched. Consequently, the crime rate witnessed a steep decline.”

Rao said that Mysuru city police conducted regular parades of rowdies and chain snatchers, which resulted in the crimes related to assault and violence coming down. “Police are also monitoring activities of rowdy elements very closely,” he said.

While stating that the number of road accidents and resulting fatalities had seen a decline in 2017, Rao added, “However, the fines collected for traffic violations in 2017 – Rs 8.5 crore – is Rs 1.2 crore more than what was collected in 2016.”

Rao said that new reforms would be implemented in the New Year to further bring down crime rate in the city.