Cremation on Cauvery river bank triggers public debate

Jul 4, 2017

MYSURU: The video footage of a cremation on the bank of the river Cauvery in Talakad, 50kms from Mysuru, has gone viral and kicked off a public debate.

Prema, a tourist from Mysuru, filmed the cremation around 2pm Saturday on her mobile phone. When she asked around about it, she was told that a few residents of Talakad are allowed to perform cremations on the river banks and this has been going on for a long time.

Police intervened after the footage went viral on social media in Mysuru and asked the authorities concerned to inquire into the incident and take necessary action. Police are awaiting a complaint from forest department officials who are guardians of the property.

Prema, a freelance writer, forwarded the footage to her contacts but it got circulated widely in Mysuru. She told TOI she felt something wrong was being done on the river bank, a popular tourist spot. “When I visited the place with family members, a funeral pyre was lit. A few people of them resent there told me that it’s quite common. I find it wrong as it pollutes drinking water that is supplied to some places, including Bengaluru.”

The footage shows people playing in the shallow river water on one side and the cremation at another place. “I didn’t ask officers concerned to probe the incident but friends and relatives have expressed shock,” Prema said.