Corporation officials get 6 months to retain CUG numbers

Jun 15, 2017

MYSURU: The MCC authorities and corporators still have time to take back their old CUG (Closed User Group) numbers as BSNL has not extended their numbers to others even when it has suspended the services. If the numbers are not taken back within six months from the time of suspension, the numbers will be given to others.
Following the misuse of CUG facility by a couple of corporators, the state government withdrew the facility in April this year. The CUG numbers had come in handy for both the public and the officials to contact corporators and the officials when it was introduced in 2007-08. After misuse by a few corporators, the state government suspended the CUG facility from April 27.

With the suspension of CUG facility, not only the public but also the mayor, corporation officials and corporators were finding it difficult to contact each other. As the number was based on the respective corporator ward number, it was easy for officials and others to contact, but after the suspension of the facility, even mayor MJ Ravi Kumar found it difficult to contact officials or corporators.

Speaking to TOI, Jayaram, principal general manager, Mysuru, said, “The main purpose of giving the CUG facility was for easy communication but there were few a people who misused it; data was expensive in that plan. They even had 30 per cent discount on their bill. When they were exceeding the plan limit, they were alerted through messages. Without much hassles, they can again make use of the facility by proper documentation. Through the administrator, those corporators or officials who want to retain the number, should get a no objection letter.

Jagadeesh, commissioner, MCC, said, “Already few of them have taken back their respective CUG numbers. Once again, I will write a letter to all the corporators and officials to take back CUG numbers after completing the formalities based on the instruction from BSNL authorities.”